Hiber Nation

This is a series of pictures I was asked to do to illustrate a presentation for Dutch Design Week in 2019. My client was Anouk Dijkman, and you can find out a lot more about this proposal, as well as something about her other projects at her personal website: www.imanouk.com

To remedy the constant consumption of natural resources, the end result of which is a devestating environmental crisis, it is decided that everyone on earth will go into a state of hibernation at different times and for different periods.

These periods would be phased around the world, so that the world is never left completely depopulated, and so that the human hibernation can be scheduled for the maximum recouperation of natural processes.

These were the largest watercolor designs I had ever attempted, and I must say they came out rather well. I was very much inspired by the works of Ukiyo-e masters, and tried to use areas of blank space and color to their best effect.

A very interesting project, and one that I hope will be successful for Anouk, and I'm certain that her presentation will be a hit at the DDW!