Merde Alors!

I've been good friend for years with Myriam Baran-Marescot, the French nature writer and TV presenter, and a few years ago she had an idea for a book called 'Merde Alors!'

It was to be a fun little book about excrement - curious facts from the animal world and the history of using waste for surprising purposes.

Like most people I don't know a thing about the subject, and it was really quite fascinating to learn about the strange animal behaviors related to excretion, as well as how the stuff has been made into fuel, paper, coffee - practically everything!

'Merde Alors!' is currently making the rounds of publishers in France, and I also helped Myriam with an English translation as well as doing the pictures.

Who knows? Myriam has been really busy with television and film for the last few years, but it could be that 'Merde Alors!' will happen one day, in either French or English or both - it's a great book and lots of fun!