This is a project I began in art class when I was a high school student in 1977. About 10 years later I decided to continue working on it, but even then I never finished it. Then I decided to pick it up again in 2010, and I'm still working on it - all of which proves two things; I have a lot of patience, and I'm really frightfully old.

I don't seem to have any samples from the first version I did in high school, which is probably all to the good, but I know that the '80's version was based on those originals, and that I followed them pretty closely.

I've been a feverish Carrollian all my life, and whenever I take up my pen to start work on 'Alice', I always end up being very intimidated by this book and its history, I think. I'm certain I could never do justice to 'Alice', nor could my pictures ever stand comparison with Tenniel and some of the other illustrators who have tackled the job.

The big stumbling block for me was always the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle; only recently did it occur to me to base them on Lewis Carroll's original conceptions from 'Alice's Adventures Under Ground'. I think these came out all right - but of course after that episode comes the trial, which always scared the heck out of me. All those cards!

If I'm VERY lucky I may live another 30 years and finally finish these pictures!