‘Larp.’ is the story of Renate Parsley and Velvet Sprout, two young girls who live in the town of Snudsley and who love playing ridiculous pranks.

After they are persecuted by their humorless and dictatorial school principal, they decide to pull off the silliest and most pointless prank of their lives - altering the labels on a certain brand of peanut butter.

The consequences of this seemingly harmless action are so vast that somebody needed to write ‘Larp.’ just to describe it all. Not only are Rennie and Velly involved, but so are the police, the managers of several supermarket chains, and any number of people dressed as enormous snack-food mascots.

Oh, and also add into the mix a small duckling, the presidents of two competing peanut butter firms, some obnoxious muffins, a little girl called Abigail Braintree, a porcupine, some depressed architects, and a tremendously confused Italian teacher.

But that still won’t tell you everything that is contained within the covers of a book called ‘Larp.’ . . .

Written by that clever Tracy Weiman, and illustrated by the reclusive Hibernian/Hebridean illustrator Áine McWryat, 'Larp.' is now available from various Amazon outlets throughout the world.