The Book of Tiny Little Things

This book contained a series of poems about - well, tiny little things. I remember that as a child I tended to notice all sorts of small objects lying around that the adults didn't see - buttons in a corner, a pattern of crumbs that never got swept up, an ancient french fry under the back seat of the car, and so on.

I had lots of fun writing the poetry, which I mostly did while working in the backroom of a housewares and gadget store in Palo Alto, CA, opening boxes of dishwashing brushes and coat-hangers all day long.

There were 13 poems in all, their subjects ranging from strings to peanuts to twigs to pebbles and beyond.

The first dummy I made, back in 1993 (or thereabouts) was done with a typewriter and a copy machine, but in 2007 I made a new dummy for the British market with my computer, along with a few new pictures.

This book has always been one of my favorite projects, a sort of homage to the great nonsense poets of the past, Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and Walter de la Mare.